ave, pássaro {zn.} ; bird

Nunca vi esse tipo de pássaro ; I never saw this type of bird

Welcome to PASSARO amsterdam. 

Influenced by one of our founders' heritage in southern Europe, PASSARO provides Portuguese craftsmanship applied to sports inspired key items.

Our design has a retro, yet timeless approach. Classy, yet functional. And colorful, always. The parrot has become our brandmark for a reason: colorful and classy, yet quite perky. The one and only Joost Swarte designed our logo.

We try to be as sustainable as possible, selecting the most durable materials that don’t come from animals. All items are produced on a small scale at our partners workshop in Braga, Portugal. 

See you soon - and stay fly! 

Lucas + Donna PASSARO

PASSARO amsterdam founders Lucas & Donna